Jean Kluger NV, founded in 1964, manages a wide range of recordings and songs that all have a common denominator: Jean Kluger. He is the original publisher, producer, but also often composer of almost the entire Belgian-Flemish catalogue. Its own labels are Topkapi, Biram, Hamaco and JK. The company is run by Myriam Dekoster and Sara Boone, who has been part of the team since 2019. Myriam was and is responsible for the administration of the company, took care of the PR of the Jean Kluger artists, but also the organization of the Tura in Symphony concerts. She has been president of the Belgian association of music publishers and sat on the board of directors of Simim (management company for music producers). She wrote the book 'Will Tura, Hope makes life' which served as a screenplay for the film of the same name by Dominique Deruddere. As far as the international repertoire is concerned, Jean Kluger represents the recording or the song, but sometimes both. Most of Jean's international compositions are published by the French publishing house Bleu Blanc Rouge, founded by Jean and his wife Huguette. Bleu Blanc Rouge has also taken care of the administration and accounting of DAFT PUNK (Thomas Bangalter is the son of Daniel Vangarde) from the beginning. The publishing house is now owned by Wise Music. Almost all the hits of the Gibson Brothers, Ottawan, Compagnie Créole were written in collaboration with Daniel Vangarde, and therefore in collaboration with Zagora (Publishing & Production). We proudly represent the latter, as well as Bleu Blanc Rouge, in Belgium and the Netherlands. Our catalog is represented by Wise Music in France (and direct collection territories Sacem), as well as in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.