Johan Verminnen

Johan Verminnen: composer, author, singer, producer, musician from Brussels. Figurehead of Dutch-language chanson in Flanders and the Netherlands.

Johan Verminnen Website

  • Johan Verminnen was born on May 22, 1951 in Wemmel. Two sisters: Estel and Lutgard. Two brothers: Bert and Paul.
  • Will Tura puts him in touch with record boss Jean Kluger. Willy Albimoor plays for teacher and arranger. First album entitled 'Johan Verminnen' was released in 1971, recorded in 1970 in the Brussels Studio Madeleine. 'Everyone with his flag' will be Johan's very first single.
  • First musicians: Raymond Van het Groenewoud, Danny Rut and Jean-Marie Blanckaert (brother of Will Tura).
  • Frans Leven and Jean-Luc Van Lommel join the group. The polder pop was born. Second LP in the Madeleine conducted by Raymond (1972). This includes 'Marionet', which will later also be released as a single
  • In the same year 1972, Raymond leaves the group and Koen De Bruyne joins. The audience is introduced to a great talent. A second single was recorded that year, 'She sings Na Na Na'. There will also be a new album, including 'With seven at the table', 'Kapitein Eenoog' and 'Some day' (Toots Thielemans soloing).
  • In November '73, Dan Lacksman, Koen De Bruyne and Johan provided a 'retirement number'. 'Don't Leave Me Alone Now' becomes a blockbuster.
  • Summer '75: Johan, Koen, Firmin Timmermans and Yvan De Souter win the 'Festival de la chanson française' in Spa with flying colors (press prize and interpretation prize). Jean Blaute also makes an indelible impression as a newcomer (unteachable!). A French-language album is released: 'Elle chante na na na'. Europalia is another unknown landmark. French chansons by Leveillée, Ferré, Nougaro and Brel have to survive. Just ask Liesbeth List.
  • 'Silence as chorus' was released in '76 with the classic 'Brussels'. Nekka in the Antwerp sports palace is ravaged in the illustrious company of Toots Thielemans.
  • On March 3, '77, Jari Demeulemeester's famous announcement 'Rocking chanson at 33 rpm!' Live record in the Workshop, Navezstraat in Schaerbeek. The first compilation album is released, as well as a second French-language LP 'Je ne suis pas un flamand rose'. A holiday trip with Jean Blaute makes Johan sing at the 'Grand Ole Opry' in Nashville. Chanson in the country temple. Music man Herman Van Laar knows all about it.
  • In '79 a TV special about Johan, a Sabam Prize and Adamo also received one. Days of sadness: Koen De Bruyne dies.
  • Tars Lootens and Jean-Marie Aerts join the group. 'If my guitar helps me' with 'Bar Tropical' and 'Between players and drinkers' is Johan's first own production.
  • After a warm Mallemunt day, 'Rue des Bouchers' is captured for eternity without sponsorship from 'Chez Leon'. Roland Van Campenhout and Big Bill are having a drink.
  • In '81 Johan scored a hit with “'k Voel me good'. Fernando Lameirinhas provides the melody. From broke to a full wallet! Oh social security, oh lack of status… Fortunately, Eric Melaerts joins the group. Jean-Marie wins gold with TC-Matic.
  • In '83 'Twice a word value' flopped with underestimated songs 'Meneer Middelmaat' and 'Holiday in my street'. Three TV shows in the American Theater on prime time. Many colleagues get a chance.
    In '84 he was forced to fire his musicians. Tars and Johan warm up in an ice-cold café chantant 'Ti-Ro-ro'. Fate strikes again: Bert Verminnen dies. The success of the theater show 'Singer without more' softens the sadness. Successful tour and album 'Melancholy'. Tars at its best!
  • In '86 the collaboration with Jean Kluger ended after the single 'I want to see the world' and Chris 'Djoum' Ramon recorded the successful (first) CD 'Slow is beautiful' for BMG-Ariola in the ICP studios. The theater show 'Sailors far from home' is the logical continuation. 'Le coeur content' is the French-language version and a tour in Quebec (Festival d'Eté) will follow. There are also days full of joy: Johan meets Catherine and gets married on December 6. Johan continues to build a successful career, about which you can read everything in detail on his website.